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Welcome To New Rock Radio

New Rock is a media platform designed especially for you, are you a fan of music, love to discover new artists, but haven't got the time to wade through Spotify. We are hoping we have found the solution. New Rock operates a live radio feed, we hold band Bio's and help you identify songs and connect with artists. We also hold the very latest information from our hand-picked bands, some you will know others awaiting your discovery. This is a non-commercial platform so you can surf away without annoying popups and messages ruining the music vibe.

Keep connected with us as this global project continues to grow..... and enjoy the New Rock sound


New Rock Story

From very humble beginnings and driven by a passionate team of volunteers, New Rock has exploded in to the international music scene with its developing work in helping to create a more supportive musician centred industry. Through its international partnerships New Rock has quickly established a no nonsense approach demanding professional etiquette, mutual respect and fairness to a fast changing musical world. (Strictly No Ego’s Allowed)

With a network now spanning 23 countries, this collaboration has brought some of the best people and organisations within the industry together, including Artists, Promoters, Record Labels, Producers and Broadcasters creating an enriched environment for creative development.

For more information or to submit your organisation for inclusion please choose the New Rock World option when filling out the Contact Form.


"It's Radio Jim but not as we know it"

New Rock is a unique take on radio broadcasting, we are not part of any global corporation playing the same tracks over and over prioritising those who pay the highest. We also don’t do politics, religion or drama and the world most definitely doesn’t revolve around us. We are an open organisation operated by individuals with a variety of personal beliefs, sexual orientation that identify as being part of New Rock. So if you want to complain about, rubbish not being collected or your next door neighbour’s dog, you’re really not in the right place, however if you want one of the best selections of music from around the globe you might just be in luck.

Share Your Music

One of the founding ideas behind New Rock Radio is how we source the music that we broadcast, like all radio stations we keep our ear out to commercial and independent charts, but we also go one step further. New Rock Radio has built up direct relationships with different artists, producers and partner broadcasters around the globe in an attempt to raise independent music to a huge listener base. Artists can submit their Bio’s to us directly or via referral by one of our partners. Once we have a bio we will do all that we can to share and broadcast your music. Those who work closest with us have had a wide range of opportunities to choose from. If yu would like to submit to New Rock Radio please use the link and form provided.