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Single Release - Great Divide - Just A Ride


"GREAT DIVIDE" is the NEW single from UK-grunge rockers Just A Ride.

A hard hitting, angst-ridden grunge anthem that speaks out against the division in our society; the song was recorded with producer Joe Marsh and mixed by guitarist Drew Lowe in his first stint behind the desk.

Inspired by the sounds of 90s alt-rock acts like Filter and Jane's Addiction, "GREAT DIVIDE" captures the same energy and attitude while adding a modern day spin.

Just A Ride are on a mission to bring the sounds of early 90s alt-rock and grunge to the UK's thriving rock/NWOCR scene. The band is fiercely independent, and passionate about taking control of all aspects of being a band in 2022. Whether it is recording or mixing, shooting music videos, or creating social media content; Just A Ride is almost an entirely DIY endeavour!

The band has its roots in early 2000's teenage punk/metal band Violent Delight, which featured lead vocalist Rod, later guitarist Drew, and if you visited the merch desk you'd have come across Just A Ride's new bass player John. Just A Ride formed around 10 years after the break up of Violent Delight and it is clearthe time in between has given birth to a more mature and complete sound, inspired by bands like Filter, Stone Temple Pilots, and Jane's Addiction.

Artist - Just A Ride

Genre - Punk/ Rock

Location - England, UK

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Social Media link 

Booking contact 

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Track - Great Divide

Album - N/A

Year - 2022

Current Band Members 

 Rod Henderson - (Vocals), Drew Lowe - (Guitar), John Birchall - (Bass), Alex Bailey - (Drums)

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