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Pretty Karma- Dan Reed Network

Track Title Pretty Karma Artist Name Dan Reed Network Artist Bio Dan Reed Network Artist Bio Track - Pretty Karma Album - Let's Hear It For The King Date - 2022

Heart Attack - Brave Rival


Track Title Heart Attack Artist Name  Brave Rival Artist Bio Brave Rival Artist Bio Track - Heart Attack Album - Life's Machine Date - 2022

Grindin' - Lockdown Disciples


Track Title Grindin' Artist Name  Lockdown Disciples Artist Bio N/A Track - Grindin' Album - Searching For Freedom Year - 2022

Fade Away - Second Choice


Track Title Fade Away Artist Name  Second Choice Artist Bio N/A Track - Fade Away Album - N/A Year - 2022

See The Light - Dreams & Bloom


Track Title See The Light Artist Name  Dreams & Bloom Artist Bio N/A Track - See The Light Album - Through Obstacles Year - 2022

Space Canoe - Subtle Citizen


Track Title Space Canoe Artist Name  Subtle Citizen Artist Bio Subtle Citizen Bio Track - Space Canoe Album - N/A Date - 2022

Is It Wrong Or Is It Right - Darren Miller


Track Title Is Is Wrong Or Is It Right Artist Name  Darren Miller Artist Bio N/A Track - Is It Wrong Or Is It Right Album - N/A Year -  2022

I Don't Even Try - Olivia C Dacal

Olivia C Decal Post Image

Track Title I Don't Even Try Artist Name  Olivia C Dacal Artist Bio Olivia C Dacal Bio Link Track - I Don't Even Try Album - Don't Be Late Year - 2022

Bullwhips & Rodeo - Tim Finish Him

Track Title Bullwhips & Rodeo Artist Name  Tim Finish Him Artist Bio internal link Track - Bullwhips & Rodeo Album - xx  Year - 2021

Black Ice - Donna Herula

Donna Herula Post Cover

Track Title Black Ice Artist Name  Donna Herula Artist Bio Donna Herula Bio Track - Black Ice Album - Bang At The Door Year - 2021 

B1G - Bob Fitzgerald

Track Title B1G Artist Name  Bob Fitzgerald Artist Bio Bob Fitzgerald Bio Link Track - B1G Album - B1G Year - 2021

Not That Sorry - Wyse

Track Title Not That Sorry Artist Name  Wyse Artist Bio Wyse Bio Track - Not That Sorry Album - Anomalies Year - 2021

Backbite - Dan Patlansky

Track Title Backbite Artist Name  Dan Patlansky Artist Bio Dan Patlansky Artist Bio Track - Backbite Album - xx  Year - 2021