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EP Release - The Feathered Thorns

The Feathered Thorns - Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

This striking debut collection of songs is a voyeuristic drive around the lanes on moonless nights; unknown creatures stirring in their dens, shadowy scenes played out behind the worn curtains of draughty houses. These are songs deeply rooted in the gloriously strange 'otherness' of the Waveney Valley, the home of The Feathered Thorns and the place...

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Artist Bio - Doris Brendel

Doris Brendel - Post Cover Image

Doris Brendel is one of the most accomplished and exciting live singers on the scene. Apart from first-class musicianship, she puts on incredibly visual shows, with outlandish steam-punk costumes and even laser gloves…. Doris Brendel, a singer of rare talent and pedigree, released her latest band album, Mass Hysteria, in September 2020 on Sky-rocke...

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Artist Bio - Modern Woman

Modern Woman- Cover picture - Artist Bio - New Rock Radio

London based Modern Woman began life as the songwriting project of Sophie Harris, a literature graduate who started playing the songs solo at spoken word nights she ran. "I had a firm idea of the direction I wanted the project to go in, and I knew that couldn't be achieved without a full band." Harris says speaking of the band's beginnings. "It was...

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Artist Bio - Brian Karrot

Brian Karrot Post Cover Image

As a most accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his own right, Brian Karrot is ready to step into the limelight and release his solo splendours into the world. Inspired by David Bowie and Frank Zappa, he writes all his own material, plays all the instruments and produces them entirely by himself 'Behind the Parlour Door' (Brian's hom...

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