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Artist Bio - Prints In The Snow

Prints In The Snow Cover Image - New Rock Radio Bio

Prints In The Snow are a four-piece band from Yorkshire, Originally formed in Nottingham by singer/songwriter Laurie Armitt and bassist Catherine Preston In 2019 they recorded an album, Nothing's Lost, which was described by Divide & Conquer as "deeply reflective and powerful"Now established in Yorkshire, the band was joined in late 2019 b...

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Artist Bio - Clockwork Aeroplane

Clockwork Aeroplane Post Cover Image - New Rock Radio Bio

Original foot stomping acoustic roots from South Wales. From mournful ballads to high energy banjo driven tunes, our main aim is to make sure we and our audience have a good time. Formed by Tom Murray and Kevin Potter (formerly of The Revelators) Clockwork Aeroplane are singer songwriter Tom Murray, multi instrumentalist Kevin Potter, Sam Matthews ...

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Artist Bio - Joanne Shaw Taylor

Joanne Shaw Taylor Bio Cover Picture - New Rock Radio

Artist Joanne Shaw Taylor was discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics at the age of 16 who, having watched her play, immediately invited her on the road with his supergroup D.U.P. - a career in music was born and in the proceeding years, her incredible guitar playing saw her build an army of plaudits including Jimmy Cliff, Joe Bonamassa, Stevi...

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Artist Bio - Wyse

Wyse Post Cover Image - New Rock Radio

Wyse's music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths. The digital, electronic and acoustic textures are tinged with an uplifting melancholy and an emotional vulnerability.  Wyse's emotional intelligence is the catal...

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Artist Bio - James Blyth

James Blyth Post Cover

Hi, I'm James - just another little singer/songwriter from Norfolk with the stupidly big dream of someday "making it" in music. I live in Great Massingham and have done so since literally day 1. I'm 100% sure that if I hadn't have lived here I would never have gotten myself involved in music.  It was in this village at school where I fell in l...

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Artist Bio - Hemingway

Hemingway Post Cover Image

Five piece indie rock outfit with soft focus. With shimmering spangly guitars, solid bass and rumbling rolling drums, anthems are their stock in trade and they have them in significant numbers. A sound that has heralded comparisons to The National, Suede, The Cure right back to the organic sounding bucolic earthiness of a freshly conceived U2. With...

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Artist Bio - Taryn Everdeen

Taryn Everdeen Bio Post Cover Image

Taryn is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Norwich, UK, currently studying at art school in Paris, France. Inspired by the sounds of Keaton Henson, Daughter, and Billie Marten, Taryn's music uses minimal instrumentation, drawing the listener's attention to her wistful melodies and hauntingly soft vocals. She performs with a gentleness and vulner...

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Artist Bio - Circus 66

Circus 66 Post Cover Image

Circus 66 deliver hellacious dirty hard rock with an added tank full of head banging groove.  Where can freedom be found? It isn't the destination that determines our successes, our achievements, and ultimately finding our love for living. It is the journey that forms that path and how you CHOOSE AND MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE and follow the black c...

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Artist Bio - Black Tree Vultures

Black Tree Vultures Post Cover Image

Anyone who has ever witnessed a performance by Black Tree Vultures since their inception, will wax lyrical about their high octane performance, the intensity and sheer quality of their songs and the sonic soundscapes and all of this is of course true, but it only tells a little bit of their story.  The reason why they have made so many fans in...

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Artist Bio - Luke & The Lazy Machine

Luke & The Lazy Machine Post Cover Image

Alternative Indie-pop, fused with hip-hop, rap and spoken word, blasting into heavy rock, vocal driven-choruses Alternative Indie-pop, fused with hip-hop, rap and spoken word, blasting into heavy rock, vocal driven-choruses.
Luke & The Lazy Machine blends fast-paced witty lyricism, laid back hip-hop rhythms and soft-crooning pop melodies with e...

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Artist Bio - Bob Fitzgerald

Bobs Fitzgerald Post Cover Image

In the Summer of 1984 Bob's parents bought the Eagles Greatest Hits cassette tape.It's been the main soundtrack to Bob's life... New#1 selling Modern Country singer/songwriter Bob Fitzgerald is one of the hottest and brightest talents on the UK Country scene. Debuting in 2020 Bob has firmly set the scene afire with two #2 charting singles and ...

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Artist Bio - Brian Karrot

Brian Karrot Post Cover Image

As a most accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his own right, Brian Karrot is ready to step into the limelight and release his solo splendours into the world. Inspired by David Bowie and Frank Zappa, he writes all his own material, plays all the instruments and produces them entirely by himself 'Behind the Parlour Door' (Brian's hom...

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Artist Bio - Halo's Edge

Halo's Edge Post Cover Image

We only play songs that we enjoy and songs that are a bit different. We also play our own original material. We cover Muse, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Royal Blood and The Automatic to name but a few. We can play electric or acoustic sets. We started life as U-WATT back in November 2013 and after several line-up changes only Mal, our guitarist, and ...

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New Release - Wyse

Wyse - New EP - Cover Pic

We have been waiting for this new EP for a couple of months after being teased with the 'epic' single "Not That Sorry" earlier this year. RELEASED TODAY – October 1st 2021, we are very proud to announce the NEW EP – "Anomalies"This dynamic collection of music has been expertly formed, creating a musical showcase of potential from what we can expect...

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Artist Bio - Bad Touch

Bad Touch Post Cover Image

Bad Touch are a 5-piece classic rock band from Norfolk, UK. Most people see growing up in Norfolk as a disadvantage, but Bad Touch owe the core of their sound to their countryside surroundings. Those formative years of listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Free and Lynyrd Skynyrd whilst looking out on the rolling countryside and...

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Heart Attack - Brave Rival


Track Title Heart Attack Artist Name  Brave Rival Artist Bio Brave Rival Artist Bio Track - Heart Attack Album - Life's Machine Date - 2022

Artist Bio - Brave Rival

Brave Rival Post Cover Image

Brave Rival are the South East's brand-new rip-roaring rock and blues Machine. Hailing from Portsmouth, the UK Blues Award Nominated band features the powerful and beautiful twin vocals of Chloe Josephine and Lindsey Bonnick. On lead guitar, providing dramatic guitar solos and crunching rock riffs is Ed "The Shred" Clarke. And holding it all t...

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B1G - Bob Fitzgerald

Track Title B1G Artist Name  Bob Fitzgerald Artist Bio Bob Fitzgerald Bio Link Track - B1G Album - B1G Year - 2021

Not That Sorry - Wyse

Track Title Not That Sorry Artist Name  Wyse Artist Bio Wyse Bio Track - Not That Sorry Album - Anomalies Year - 2021

Blackbirds - Jade Like the stone

Jade Like The Stone Post Cover Image

Track Title Blackbirds Artist Name  Jade Like The Stone Artist Bio Jade Like The Stone Bio Track - Blackbirds Album - Seven Roads Year - 2021