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Welcome To New Rock Radio

New Rock is a media platform designed especially for you, are you a fan of music, love to discover new artists, but haven't got the time to wade through Spotify. We are hoping we have found the solution. New Rock operates a live radio feed, we hold band Bio's and help you identify songs and connect with artists. We also hold the very latest information from our hand-picked bands, some you will know others awaiting your discovery. This is a non-commercial platform so you can surf away without annoying popups and messages ruining the music vibe.


Keep connected with us as this global project continues to grow..... and enjoy the New Rock sound

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Guidence Notes

CONTACT NAME - Name of person making the submission (Office Use Only)

CONTACT EMAIL - Email Address of person making the submission (Office Use Only)

BAND NAME - Band Name (Performing Name)

YOUR LOCATION - Your Main Location (Town, County, Country)

MUSIC GENRE - How You Define Your Music

WEBSITE LINK - Band/ Performing Website URL

SOCIAL MEDIA LINK - Social Media URL (preferably Facebook)

BOOKING CONTACT - Public Contact Details

BAND MEMBERS - All Band Members & Their Roles


CONTENT INTRO TEXT - Introductory Tag line (20 to 40 words)


FULL CONTENT/ STORY - FULL Bio, Describing your personality, influences & performances (200 to 400 words)


Cover Picture, This should be either a photo or something that reflects you as a musician or Band. All must be original artwork and (Square) 260px x 260px in a Jpg or Png Format. Transparent backgrounds are accepted and will display correctly once uploaded.


Cover Picture, This will display as a banner image to go with your bio. Ideally, this should be eye-catching and relevant to the content you are submitting. All must be original artwork and (Rectangular) 960px x 400px in a Jpg or Png Format. Transparent backgrounds are accepted and will display correctly once uploaded.


Please include any other pictures that could be used for this content/ story. Additional images will be included at the editor’s discretion to best fit the relevant templates. All artwork must be original


Sample Track, this must be your original work, This needs to be of high production quality, (trimmed with no dead air before or after track), MP3 format and a minimum of 192kbps. The track must be broadcast-ready and must NOT contain any offensive/ explicit language or themes. Any Covers must be attributed to the original songwriter or artist. If you need a little hand getting a sample track broadcast-ready please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will do our best to advise and assist if possible and workload permits.

Submission Form



Please note due to the large size of many of the audio files people wish to send us. We have created a link where files can be uploaded. The link will be shown on the confirmation page after submitting your information to us.



Sharing Your Music

All submitted Bio will be processed, although processing times can vary. Incomplete Bio’s will not be processed so please read guidance notes provided. Submitted music will not automatically be added to our playlists; instead we listen through them all and pick tracks that stand out the most.


New Rock Community

New Rock has become a fast-paced project with a very dedicated expanding team of enthusiastic musicians and professionals. We have separated off the extent of our work to ensure that our website content stays relevant to that particular project. To find out more about this exceptional team and how this all came about please visit us at Team New Rock or get involved with our New Rock Community forum.